Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

        General sales and delivery conditions of SAB Security Systems


         Article 1  

        These General Sales and Delivery Terms apply to all offers and agreements of SAB Security Systems. The buyer is deemed to be aware of these conditions. Changes in the purchase agreement and deviations from these General Conditions shall only obtain if agreed upon in writing.


        Article 2 

        The agreement is concluded at the moment the invoice is made for a placed order. SAB Security Systems has the right not to accept assignments or orders without reason. 


        Article 3 

        Delivery is within the agreed term on the invoice, provided the items ordered are in stock. If the articles are not available, SAB will consult with the customer about a new delivery date. SAB is not responsible for damage caused by late delivery through third parties, unless SAB should be held responsible for the delay. 


        Article 4 

        All prices are, unless otherwise specified, excluding of VAT and transport costs. 


        Article 5 

        Payment is due, unless alternative arrangements are made in writing, within 14 days after invoice date. Upon expiration of the payment, the buyer owes an interest rate of 1.5%, say half percent for each month or part thereof to SAB Security Systems. All reasonable legal and other costs relating to the payment of the invoice, shall be borne by the buyer.



        Article 6 

        SAB Security Systems provides a guarantee on the equipment for two years unless otherwise stated in the description of a product. Repair/mending on products under warranty are only performed at the office of SAB Security Systems. The warranty on the equipment includes free repair or replacement of parts in case of material and / or workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover the supply / or replacement of consumables, eg Smart Cards. The parts that are replaced within warranty automatically become the property of SAB Security Systems. The buyer can not rely on the warranty if the buyer has neglected the product, has or has had made changes to the goods, has had repairs performed by third parties, model numbers, serial numbers or warranty stickers have been damaged, removed or changed, improper or careless use, incorrect connection or wrong power, with lightning, damage by moisture or other external causes or perils, the goods are not in the normal or in the instructions defined manner maintained, the goods are used with unsuitable or inappropriate accessories, the goods are otherwise dealt with negligence. In the above cases, the repair cost are the customer’s expense.. 

        The warranty obligation of Security Systems does not give the buyer entitlement to financial compensation of damages or termination of the contract.



        Article 7 

        SAB Security Systems can not be held liable for failure or late delivery, incorrect data contained in brochures, advertising materials, Internet, offers, etc., in case of force majeure, if the customer or a third party repairs the goods or makes changes to it, if the goods are used for purposes other than their intended or suitable for, if the goods are used improperly or carelessly, if the goods are overloaded, damages caused by the supplied software or hardware, for damages caused by delivered services, for business damage by any cause whatsoever, for consequential damages caused by any cause whatsoever. 

        If, notwithstanding the above, SAB Trading BV is liable, SAB Trading BV only accepts liability to the invoice price of the goods or services.



        Article 8 

        Until the time of payment, the goods remain the property of SAB Security Systems. SAB Security Systems authorizes the purchaser to resell the products, provided that the occurred claim of the seller on the third, still is pledged to SAB Security Systems. This pledge expires at the moment that the buyer's invoices to SAB Security Systemsare paid. 


        Article 9 

        The purchase agreement will without judicial intervention and without any required notice be dissolved at the time that the buyer in a state of bankruptcy, requests a provisional suspension of payments, whether by attachment, receivership or otherwise loss of the power of disposal, unless the administrator acknowledges the obligations under the contract as estate debt. 

        Following the dissolution outstanding receivables back and forth will become immediately due and payable. The buyer is liable for the caused damages by SAB Security Systems directly related to the purchase agreement, as loss of profits and transport costs. 


        Article 10 All our agreements are governed by Dutch law .