SABVISION PM 2200/2300A (P210)
SABVISION PM 2200/2300A (P210) EAN 8717973391142

  • For pole mounting
  • The clasp is made of stainless steel
  • Mounting board is made of aluminum die-casting alloy
  • The site of screw hole should be noticed when using with wall mount bracket
  • Load capacity of pole should be more than 3 times the weight of camera and bracket
  • Load capacity of clamp is 10KG


Suitable Models
Suitable Models Sabvision 2200 (P202) & Sabvision 2300 (P203)
Range of Application
Range of Application Vertical Pole Mount Bracket. It can be used with some wall mount bracket
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension Φ67mm - 127×46×250mm
Weight 1205g